Sacsawaman's impressive architectural construction utilizing gigantic boulders is demystified in step-by-step drawings detailing the author's proven megalithic building technique

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The Building of Sacsawaman Revisited
The Building of Sacsawaman Revisited by Vincent R. Lee

The Inca "fortress" of Sacsawaman, above Cuzco, Peru, is probably the most impressive megalithic monument in the New World. Little known by others than Andean travelers, it nevertheless astounds all who see it with its unique construction utilizing scores of gigantic (10-300 ton) boulders perfectly fitted along flawless, irregular joints. The question of how it was done has bedeviled researchers and tourists alike for centuries. The papers described here represent the most plausible and detailed solution to the problem yet published.

This booklet is a supplement to the author's original 1986 paper, entitled "The Building of Sacsayhuaman" also available here individually or as included in "The Building of Sacsayhuaman and Other Papers". The detailed machanics of the "scribing" system proposed in the 1986 paper were abstracted to emphasize the principles involved, but appeared unstable and even dangerous, leading many readers to doubt the practicalty of the entire method.

Inspired by a "eureka moment" while filming a test of the method for a 2010 History Channel special in Peru, a simple and entirely workable mechanical sequence presented itself. The resulting series of step-by-step drawings presented here should allay earlier concerns and refocus attention on the scribing process itself, experimentally proven effective by the author on numerous occasions, both on television and elsewhere. See NOVA: Secrets of Lost Empires, The Incas.

21 pages · 2 color photos · 15 drawings · soft cover
The Building of Sacsawaman Revisited
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